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“The poppy fields of Puglia provided the perfect backdrop for Shirin and Gregory’s epic three-day wedding extravaganza in Italy. Even before the engagement ring that Shirin Kouros Dewerpe, the 33-year old Swiss-Iranian co-founder of The Good Life Eatery, received from 35-year old Swiss investment banker Gregory Dewerpe reached her left hand, it had been on quite the global adventure…

“Gregory was going to propose in New York at the same hotel that we met in but then he and my father were separately hospitalised during the trip. A few weeks later, we went to Mallorca for a wedding and he booked us into the most romantic room at Hotel Cap Rocat, the hotel we stayed in during our first holiday together, and he was going to propose but didn’t. It wasn’t until we checked in at a detox resort called The Ashram in Mallorca for a week that he did it. He decided before our yoga class that it was then and there that he wanted to propose. There was something really organic and natural about it, and it was so real that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” Shirin says of the moment Gregory asked her to be his wife.”

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Published: VOGUE Arabia

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