Gaby & Sachal

The Ritz & Petersham Nurseries

“THIS LONDON COUPLE COULDN’T DECIDE ON ONE WEDDING PARTY, SO THEY THREW THREE! Gabriella Nassif, founder of fashion and lifestyle PR agency MGC London, and hedge fund analyst Sachal Majeed grew up in the same apartment complex in London during their entire lives, but never actually managed to cross paths. It wasn’t until they finally met at a mutual friend’s party, when the two hit it off and Sachal offered to drop her off in a taxi. When Gabriella gave her address, Sachal mistakenly thought she was planning on going home with him. “We were sitting in the back of the cab and he had a cheeky grin on his face,” she says. “We still can’t quite believe that we have spent our whole lives growing up just a few floors away from each other. My mum used to always tell me that the things you want are always right under your nose—little did I know she was being so literal!”

The couple dated for three and a half years until one Saturday morning, when Gabriella stepped out to get a coffee and Sachal sent her his location via WhatsApp and asked her to come join him. “We both grew up living on the park in Primrose Hill with both of our windows facing this beautiful patch of greenery,” she says. “The second I saw where he was, the penny dropped and I literally sprinted to the park. He was standing there with a ring box, surrounded by the most idyllic picnic.”

The couple spent months deciding what kind of a wedding they wanted and ultimately decided to combine all three visions of their day into one. The plan was to start off with a quintessentially British ceremony at the Ritz Hotel, followed by an Capri-inspired lunch reception at Petersham Nurseries—“the most gorgeous setting in London in our opinion,” she says—and cap off the evening with an Arabian Nights-themed party at their favourite London pub.

“Thank you so much – they are incredible, we’re completely speechless. It was a huge pleasure having you by our side on our wedding day and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the photos we have to prove that it was magical. We really hope we have the chance to work with you again in the future – anniversary party?!! Thank you again for everything – we couldn’t possibly recommend you any higher and encouraging all of our engaged friends to get in touch with you!”

Published: Over The Moon
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