Nepal WeddingSusanne & Frederick

I love this story.

Susie and Freddie have been together for 14 years. Susie first saw Freddie on the football pitch at school and thought ‘he looks nice’!  Having given it some thought about how to approach him, she decided she would give him call – with a twist. She didn’t reveal her identity. In fact, they spoke on the phone for two whole weeks before she said who she was. In Susie’s words she wanted to ‘make sure he wasn’t a douchebag’!

Since those anonymous phone calls their adventures together have not stopped. They have travelled to 46 countries, moved from Sweden to New Zealand, got engaged outside the colosseum in Rome over a picnic (you’ll find their initials in a tree there if you look hard enough!) and to my great delight, after meeting in Nepal in March 2016, we have become great friends. Fellow photographers and explorers.

In a nutshell these two are like two peas in a pod…